Poison Ivey – “(Covid) 19 light poles” – Weds 3/18/20 – a Crawdadddy procedure


Pax: Chipper, Lucky Charms, Bambi, Duvet, Tardy, Dean and Crawaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

Fighting the urge to sleep in and self contain, a properly socially distanced group of  7  gathered on the open road outside of a shuttered Ivey sports complex.  QIC was joined by Duvet for a brief premosey to set the mood before the mayhem ensued.  I appreciated the company as we talked economics, mattresses and greatest boy bands of 1996..  Well that was actually just me in my head, while he was talking mattresses..

With my man servant Chipper entering the scene like a bubble wrapped feather in a china shop we proceeded to warm up.  After he chilled my Crystal of course..



WAR – 15 x Side straddle Hops, Frankenstiens (with Lucky being ordered to shelter in place), Chinooks, Hurdler stretch and Abe / Cotton Pickers.

Being properly warmed up we head on the open road for our “tour de’poles”..

The Thang:

Down the road switching every light pole in mosey from forward to backward to side to side..  as fun as it sounds.. or it was until Bambi cleared his nose in heavy traffic hitting CDC rep Tarde.


High knees waiting on the 6 then back down the road completing 15/10/5 in series at poles… pole #1 15 Merkins, Pole #2 10 Barishnikovs, Pole #3 5 Burpees… Repeat.

A lot of moaning and bemoaning.. But no one could hear it from Dean who broke from the herd and was in self quarantine.  Per usual he had developed his own style of exercise which applied to his burpees.


After a quick 10 count “we” decided to take on a round 2..

Same mode of mosey back to Shields Rd. the modified 5/5/5 at poles (skipping to every other pole) Carolina Dry Docks, Split Jacks and Turkish Get Ups..

Lucky Charm’s approval was palpable..


Finishing the mosey we headed to Mary.


10 Freddie Mercuries, Dying Cockroaches, Marge and Homer and 19 American Hammers.

Prayers and concerns – for peace, calm and those suffering – support your local business.

QIC lead us out.

We shook ankles and Duvet said (with his eyes) – “this was the greatest Q Ever… EVER!”



Crawdaddy Out!!