2020-03-16 Red/White/Boom Backblast – Exercise Pandemic

YHC knew it was going to be a good morning when Crawdaddy began the day by coning off his car.

Image result for cones around car
Crawdaddy’s Car

22ish Confirmed Cases joined Dean and Flounder to enjoy a morning in the gloom. After terms and conditions were laid out we set out for the cul-de-sac for WOR:


Dean Vigodas

Seam Rippers

Sun Gods

We then moseyed back towards “The Audi” to encircle it for Monkeyhumpers. 15 IC to symbolize the % of tax those wealthy 1%’ers have to pay on their capital gains! How dare they invest $ in others at a huge risk and get taxed on any gains….the AUDIcity….(see what I did there…)

Image result for monkey car gif
Dr. Evil Cleaning the Car

And before we even split into groups Gilmore wanted clarification on the Train rule

Image result for train crash gif
Gilmore to every member of the Pax at hearing of train whistle

We then split groups. Without a Weinke, because who can really predict a pandemic, YHC led the group to the two shelters for an ab, leg, and arm exercise at each. We then heard a train whistle while heading to the FOS shelter…I believe Lovie heard it and was praised incessantly by Gilmore.

Image result for praise gif
Gilmore at the sound of the train whistle

We then stopped by FOS for Himalayan humpers and 10x Burpees. The goal was for those burpees to spread to the FOS pax. Flounder to confirm if they caught or avoided the exercise pandemic.

Image result for panda sneeze gif
Dean Sneezes on FOS Pax

Then to the bus parking lot for down and back of alternating lunges and bear crawl.

Image result for bear crawl gif
Most of the PAX

Then off to the amphitheater for 11s of dips (IC) and squats

Then it was time for social distancing tunnel of love. There was a LOT of mumblechatter on this including the thought that there wasn’t enough time.

Image result for social distancing gif
Dean’s Instructions on Social Distancing
Image result for close together
The PAX’s interpretation of Social Distancing

This tunnel of love was also done on a hill, which made it twice as fun!

Then back to the Far Side Memorial tennis courts for Mary’s by Flounder!

An honor to spread our exercises in the gloom!