3/13/20 Backblast – Flash Bang Friday: Panic at the Disco

22+? PAX (Dr. Evil, Epstien, Water Wings, Sludge, Flounder, Gilmore, Dean, Fortran, Mulligan, Fudd, Kay, Thin Mint, Changeorder, Duvet, Boones Farm, Crawdaddy, Lovey, Lucky Charms, Tenderfoot, Pacer, Sprinkler, Far Side) gathered in misty weather for a beat down. After some fascinating intro stories about there being more than one Gilmore in F3 and the gas impact on the environment, Dean arrived. Someone smoothly said, “Dean, I mustache you a question….WHY?” No FNG’s or redundantly…no new FNG’s attended. Time for a respectable Mosey.

tom selleck mustache GIF

Warmo: SSH X 15, Mountain Climbers X 15, CH Squats X 15, Sun Gods X 15, Abe Vigodas. Thanks to Fortran who totally nailed the “Hillbilly Yell” X 10. Long Mosey to Back parking lot with a little Monkey Humper in between. NOte: R X R in second loop.

Burpees X 10, Lunges X 10, CH Squats X 15,WWI’s X 15. Mosey to Shelter then Merkins X 15, Lunges X 10, Dips X 15, Low Slow Flutters X 15. Mosey to Parking lot 1. Star Jacks X 10 – perfect from Whammo! Mountain Climbers X 10, Dry Docks X 10, and “Curb Feelers” X 10. Mosey to Parking Lot 2 for another (then R X R). Mosey to Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts and partner up. Shoutout to Senior Citizens Day partners, Lucky and Far Side, who ended up putting their Mud Run differences aside and kicked some butt on Wall Sits and Gut Sprints.

diving mud GIF by Cheezburger

MOM: Nolan Ryan’s in honor of MLB shut down and Far Side’s Spring Training trip this week.

nolan ryan baseball GIF

Cindy Crawfords (Note: PAX mumble loudly…led byyou know who (D.E.) and began leaving in droves at 6:14 minutes, fearing a 2-minute runover from the Q. Sorry Cindy, it’s M.C. HAmmer Time.

mc hammer GIF

Prayers: Hug your kids, prayers for Far Side’s kids friend who’s is struggling w severe depression and its impact, Gilmore contact having surgery, pray for people in Advanced Care homes (as of today, no visitors at all in N.C.), support small businesses during COVID. Thanks to Gilmore who took us out…PLUS 22, no train whistle….until the Q sat down for breakfast at his own house.

Truly my honor gentlemen,

Far Side

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