2020-03-11 Ivey Redmond Backblast – Catan!

9 Pax (Duvet, Hook Em, Slice-n-dice, Fudd, Crawdaddy, Weezy, Bambi, Lucky Charms, Dean (QIC)) met in the Gloom to play Catan! Even though the vote was rigged by folks like Lovie, Tardy, and Special Ed, the PAX that arrived early were eager and excited to play Catan.

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Bambi and Slice-N-Dice upon learning we were playing Catan

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But not everyone was excited…#Crawdaddy

After the worst mission statement ever stated, the PAX headed to the upper lot for warm-a-rama of:

Side straddle hops

Dean Vigodas

Seam Rippers

Sun Gods


Then we started Catan. Lucky was team Leader #1 and YHC was Team leader #2. Dean’s team took the early lead with longest road, but Lucky’s team was able to overtake the road and come back for the win 10-8. YHC tried numerous times to explain the rules. Each time was met with resistance and constant degrading of the Q (much deserved).

The Game Board
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Duvet and Weezy after the workout
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Crawdaddy during the entire Catan Experience
Image result for plague gif
Lucky at the Mention of the Coronavirus
Image result for elmer fudd gif
Fudd During explanation of the game
Image result for cones of dunshire gif
Lucky’s Team Dominating

Praises that Chipper got a new job! Duvet thought Chipper was actually at the workout given the constant mumblechatter this morning…
Hook’em led us out.

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Hook’em during prayers using the arm up technique to avoid contact with all of us! Well played!

An honor to Catan!