Pain in the Park, Saturday March 7th

Endzone to Endzone

5 Pax members + the Q.  Posted this morning to see if it was going to be ABBTASTIC.  I think everyone was PLANKFUL that they posted. 

Pax: Special Ed, Whamo, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Boons Farm

Q: Sludge

The perfect 6 Pax

Mosey Warm-O-Rama.


Cotton Pickers

Frankenstein’s Rocket Style

Sun Gods


The Thang

One End of the Football Field we did a Plank exercise then we ran to the other end (360’) of the Football field to do an ab exercise.  When you got to the other end you did the exercise called out by the Q until the 6 arrived.

Plank End of the field

Exercise 1    Camel Toes 15 each toe

Exercise 2    Shoulder Taps 25 each shoulder

Exercise 3    Plank Slalom 20

Exercise 4    Plank Jacks 35

Exercise 5    Plank Destroyers 10

Exercise 6    Plank Jack Merkins 15

Exercise 7    Diamond Merkins 20

Exercise 8    Peter Parkers (Slowwwwwww)

Exercise 9    Parker Peter  (Slowwwwwww)

Ab End of the field

Exercise 1    Pretzel Crunches 15 each leg

Exercise 2    WWI’s 25

Exercise 3    LBC’s 25IC

Exercise 4    Crunchy frogs 20 single count

Exercise 5    ABC’s

Exercise 6    Low Slow Flutters    

Exercise 7    American Hammers 25 IC

Exercise 8    Cindy Crawfords 15 IC

Exercise 9    Box Cutters

Went to the benches

The wave of Irkins

The wave of Jump ups

The wave of Dirkins


Joann a 18 month old baby just got a heart transplant (Epstein Friend)

Sludge led us out.

It is a wonderful privilege to lead this group.  Hope everyone got enough.


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