3/9 Backblast: Red, White & Boom

After gathering with an air of excitement and an almost flawless F3 mission statement (my practicing in the mirror paid off) the workout commenced. A short mosey to the cul-de-sac and the warm-o-rama began.

(15) Frankensteins

(10) Side Straddle Hops (Thanks for the count Crawdaddy)

(15) Hillibillies

(15) Cotton Pickers

The group split with Flounder taking the FOS group and the rest going with me for Bootcamp. We began with a mosey down to the playground. Partners were determined with one running the circle and the other completing the following exercises:

Round #1      (10) Prisoner get-up, (20) HR Merkins, (30) Dips

Switch-off after partner returns

Round #2      (5) Burpes, (10) Lt Dans, (20) Mountain Climbers (cad)

Switch-off after partner returns

The PAX held plank for the 6. The group then moseyed to the parking lot by the baseball field. 10 count by Boones Farm. Then,

Starting at bottom line and alternating between lunges and board jumps at each line.  Wait for partner at top and sprint back.  Do (20) Buddy Merkins.  Rinse and Repeat. 

This is where the planned workout ended and Fudd’s imagination began. 🙂

7s were completed at the hill by the BB field with Air Squats at bottom and Merkins at the top. With time still remaining, the PAX went to the guard rail:

Partner 1 (20) Derkins and Partner 2 held plank then switched

Partner 1 (20) Dips and Partner 2 held plank then switched

With even more time remaining… The PAX rinsed and repeated the Lunge/Broad jump circuit with (20) LBCs after sprint back to bottom.

PAX moseyed back to basketball court but even more time remained. With Checkbook leading, the PAX completed a round of Z-Drill . The FOS members joined in as they moseyed up for Mary.

Flounder handled Mary

Nice work PAX! As always, it’s an honor to Q!

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