Backblast – Poison Ivey – 3/4/2020 ” Perfect 10″ – a Crawdaddy production – (based on the life and times of Flo-rida)


Pax: Dean, Lucky Charms, Tarde, Shearcon, Duvet, Hook’em, Fudd, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

8 candidates arrived to try to imitate the life and times of Florida.  Who like the Dali Llama is always seeking perfection and harmony in perfect balance and form.  Scanning the Pax all were very comfortable that this would not be the group to achieve that mission.  With Tarde arriving almost late and coming in as “hot” as a 91 Civic can be.. He was rivaled by Shearcon’s “Clown truck” from Wallburg which just kept on producing..


With a phoned in disclaimer and rules of conduct, to “attempt” perfect form in exercise, we were off.


15 – Side Straddle Hops, Frankensteins, Abe Vigotas 3 count, Chinooks and down for Hurdler stretch..  All without a hitch, seemingly until Duvet chimed in that the QIC couldn’t count his way to 6/5ths..


Disregarding stupid Duvet and his hurtful sentiments, we mosy’d.

The Thang:

Stop 1:

10 Perfect reps then run the stairs twice:  10 Merkins, 10 4x4s (modified down to 5 on audible), 10 Box cutters.

Stop 2:

Swap stairs for running suicides

10 Burpees, 10 Pull ups, 10 Crunchy frogs

The groups suicides we all uniform except one Dr. Tarde whos rage was palpable and went full Kay advising (everyone else) they were wrong.  Not able to control himself he took out his anger on the equipment..


Round 3 was punted which caused Hook’em to create a flash “mob” of 1?


Pax then formed a circle for Circle of Merkins with Luck showing totally Rad form to start us off.


Circle was done of Merkins, Low slow flutters and WW1′s.  With Fudd calling the ten count apparently yelling into a storm that no one else could see? odd…



10 count

Cindy Crawfords (both sides), Dying Cockroaches, LBC’s and 21 American Hammers.

Overall excellent form all around but almost all the Pax and then there was Dean..


Praises, Concerns:

Shearcon’s circle has been hit with some losses and folks in mourning. Lucky has 2 daughters on the move.  Duvet has been given some possible opportunities in youth ministry and is looking for clarity on a descision.

Tarde led us out..

With Fudd buckled in safely all departed for home.



Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy out!

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