FEATS of STRENGTH – 3/2/2020 Backblast

26 PAX (FNG -Brendon Hernandez now know as Paperclip, Epstein, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Dean, Wizzie, Fudd, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Crank Bait, Elaine, Lovie, Tenderfoot, Red Hot, Duvet, Boones Farm, Deliverance, Hook Em, Milligan, Water Wings, Crawdaddy, Special Ed, Sludge, Shear Conn & Flounder)   gathered to started the week off the right way

See @Shear Conn’s Backblast for Warmaroma.

The Pax the Split for either Feats of Strength lead by @Flounder or Boot Camp Style Workout lead by @Shear conn.

Feats of Strength workout went like this: Modified Suicide Ladder workout where PAX did listed exercise #1 once at each rung of the 10 rung ladder while increasing the count of listed exercise #2 at each rung by one through the 10th rung of the ladder.  Total 10 – 55 reps.

Ladder was foul line, half court, foul line, base line – total 2 ½ lengths of the basketball court to make up 10 stations for eac of the below)

  • #1 Burpee – #2 Curls
  • #1 Lt. Dan – Arnold Overhead Presses
  • #1 Merkin – #2 Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • #1 Goblet Squats – #2 Plank T-Rows (Ea Arm)
  • #1 Turkish Get Up – #2 Dead Lifts
  • #1 Prisoner Get Up – #2 WWI
  • #1 American Hammer (IC) – #2 Standing Rows (Not Completed)
  • #1 Crossover Curls – #2 Lateral Lunges (Ea leg) (Not Completed)
  • #1 Burpee – #2 Iron Man Raises (Not Completed)

@Shear Conn group arrived back at the basketball court as we completed Prisoner Get Up & WWI circuit.

With time running short we quickly moved into doing Mary were we complete 20 American Hammers and then moved into NOR for our FNG (Brendon Fernandez) Welcome – Paperclip.

No Prayer concerns were brought up, but Tenderfoot share a joy with the group. One of his scouts Hunter Thompson whom we had prayed for in the past as he dealt with brain cancer received his Eagle Scout on Sunday. Hunter is doing great now. God is good! Gilmore took us out.

Thanks for letting me lead. Hope everyone got enough!!!!!!!