BackBlast: Pain in the Park Leap Day Feb 29 2020

PAX: Wham-o!, Sludge, Doubtfire, Checkbook, SwissMiss, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Boone’s Farm, Pacer, Kay, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, QIC Special Ed

YHC embarked the PAX on a re-creation of a work-out that is sucky from the start. Props to Checkbook for taking the abuse of designing this route.

Warm o Rama

Side Straddle Hops

Dean Vigoda’s


With no time to spare, enough of warming up; the PAX moseyed to the warm up circle gate for the reintroduction of the Barkley Race. As is tradition now, this is the only routine the Kernersville PAX seem to know according to Swiss Miss, as his last workout with us in September was this same routine.

A complete Barkley Race is completion of 5 laps .  The first running of the F3 Barkley rendered 0 finishers.  The second running last September heralded all PAX with at least 5 laps.

Two groups were suggested to divide into 1/16ths for satirical effect. When that was taken seriously, dividing into 2s seemed appropriate.

The Thang: A diamond shaped course, slightly greater than a half mile was set up around Kernersville Elementary School.  A pain station at each point of the diamond. The challenge was to mosey 5 laps, alternating clockwise and counter clockwise.  Clockwise pain stations were LBCs, WWIs, Freddie mercuries, and crunch frogs.  Counter clockwise pain stations were plank jacks, CDDs, sun gods, and merkins. 

Dr. Evil quickly shed himself of the Group #1 label and began the assault of the Berkley with Doubtfire quickly in tow. Kay, not being outdone, blasted away from the #2 group with tippy-toe Wham-O! on his heels, (or on his tippy toes, not sure)

YHC, Swiss Miss, and Checkbook settled into a steady pace out of the #1 group. It remains to be seen what exactly Sludge and CrawDaddy embarked on. YHC observed them in counter-clockwise rotation when they should have been clockwise, running down Mountain St. when clearly from the above picture, the was no need for Mountain St. YHC even observed them at the FarSide memorial tennis courts a good 40 minutes pre-Mary. One can only assume they followed the Gilmore train whistle rules and got distracted.

YHC encountered the #2 group and even heard them threaten the car tires of the creator of this routine.

At 50 minutes, time was called. All PAX (are we really counting Sludge and Crawdaddy today?) endured at least 5 laps. Dr. Evil and Kay were too busy to count, but surely they both reached at least 7 laps based on how they doubled the rest of us up.


Homer and Marge

Cindy Crawfords

Pretzel Crunches



Praise to Duvet for a well deserved bonus

Prayers continued for Dr. Evil, his M and his M-in-law

YHC led us out

A pleasure suffering with this group. Swiss Miss, do let us know next time you are in town and you can run this workout, YHC has the papers printed out and waiting.