Doctor’s orders IV. (Completion of 3 years)

3 years ago I started F3.  Today’s goal was to re-create the Dr. Evil beatdown from my first post on 2/24/2017, and it went like this…

I reminded pax to modify as necessary. I said it twice. 


  • Slow straddle hops, 25 IC
  • No bounce burpees, 25 IC
  • Plank Jacks, 20 IC
  • Falling superman, 15 IC

Tough warm o rama. In the middle of burpees, someone (Epstein?) said, “I thought we usually warmed up before we exercised?”

Side parking lot of school

  • Lunge, 8 per side, clapping hands between legs each stride
  • 20 merkins
  • Repeat 4 times, total of 80 merkins

Benches at school amphitheatre

  • Squats with overhead claps, 25
  • Dips, 25
  • Repeat for 100 of each

Front driveway of school

Irkins, Dirkins and Bears, oh my!

8 ladder

  • Dirkins on one side, bear crawl
  • Irkins on the other, crawl bear
  • Repeat, decreasing from 7 to 1, while increasing from 1 to 7.

Tennis court

Partner up. 

  • P1 BTTW 
  • P2 suicides
  • 4 sets

Original was 2 sets, but we had time. And I knew Dr Evil would approve.

6MOM – Skateboard Park

Find an incline, torso on the ramp, head up.

  • Reverse LBC’s x20ic
  • Low slow flutters x15ic
  • Box cutters x10ic

Reverse so feet up the incline. Torso up for count.

  • American Hammer x20ic

At some point during 6mom, Crawdaddy snitched on waterwings for saying bad things about the Q and this bad workout. Guilty as charged!


Count-o-rama: 27 with the Q

Name-o-rama: Didn’t have my phone. Requesting an assist from Dr. Evil with either list of names or just post the video.

Prayer requests and announcements: 

YHC requested prayers for injured service men/women, especially Steve, a former Marine who I met last week while visiting a rest home. Steve was seriously injured in the line of duty. He has a large and visible head injury and is now disabled, confined to wheelchair, and is mentally stuck in the year 2001. He gave a lot. There are many more like Steve.

Dr Evil requested prayers for his mother in law, who is currently hospitalized. Also pray for his wife who will be fully immersed in helping her mother through this process.

Consider participating in the greatest lent ever. Details on slack.

Sludge led us out.

Thanks again to Florida for inviting me to F3. I hope all pax will keep an eye out for men that need F3 in their life, and make an effort to invite them. Keep at it.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Dr. Tarde

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