Backblast: Pain in the Park 2.22.2020

9 PAX (Hook ‘em, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Pacer, Checkbook, Sprinkler and YHC) descended on the frigid gloom at 4th of July Park to not do a 10/20/30 workout though the argument stands that this resembled one all the same – I’ll let the numbers below speak for themselves.

Somehow … someway … with this group of leaders, the topic of derrières came up … A LOT and with many many non-typable comments were verbalized – here’s to the caboose that was let loose.


  • Lap around the path of the woods
  • SSH X 30 IC
  • Seam Rippers X 15 IC


  • Mosey to amphitheater with all PAX choosing benches to complete abyss merkins – original plan was 10 per minute for five minutes – YHC increased that to 15 after the first set
  • Mosey rear lot with PAX completing 20 squats per minute for five minutes
  • Jailbreak to the hill and back to the guardrail for 50 IC Dips
  • Mosey to the track – complete 2 laps and 30 pull ups in any combination chosen
  • Mosey to benches 20 derkins then 15 big boy sit-ups back to 15 derkins then 10 big boy sit-ups. Next, 20 irkins then 15 big boy sit-ups back to 15 irkins and 10 big boy sit-ups
  • Lunge walk the parking lot
  • 20 IC Monkey Humpers, 10 hand release merkins, 15 IC monkey humpers, 5 hand release merkins
  • Mosey to the basketball court – there was no train whistle, but in honor of Gilmore and the silent train, we did 5 burpees (good thing, the whistle blew during Mary)


  • Low flutter kicks X 15 IC
  • Captain American Hammers (4 hammers, 1 WWI in increasing increments to 20 hammer and 5 WWI)


  • Co-worker of Hook’em who’s made a bad decision that will most likely cause him his career

Sludge led us out

A pleasure to lead and hear all the mumblechatter though I couldn’t hear most of it.