Blackblast 2/19/2020 – Ivey Redmond – AKA Dollywood K-Vegas

After a gathering and paying thanks to no rain, the PAX moseyed to the upper lot for Warm-a-rama. Grumbling was heard after the PAX noticed the weighted bra resting on the curb. Warm-a-rama consisted of the following:

Frankensteins, Side Straddle Hops, Seam Rippers, Dean Vigoda’s

The workout commenced. Bascially a re-boot of the Dolly 1 from a few weeks back. Each member of the PAX was equipped with a weight vest (Dolly) for the length of the workout circuit. The circuit was as follows:

(3) Burpees, (10) Merkins, (20) Monkey Humpers, Exercise of choice by the PAX member wearing the vest, Indian Run until it was the next guys turn with the vest

PAX in attendance: Crawdaddy, Dean, Chipper, Duvet, Hookem, Shear Conn (Thurston Howell III), Lucky Charms, Fudd

Prayer Request: Speedy recovery for Ryan Newman, Elaine and his new addition to the fam, Praise for Crawdaddy’s sons HS for winning state title for indoor track and sons Eagle project success – Part 1

Glad we were all able to feel the pain that Dolly has to endure on a daily basis.

Always a pleasure and honor to lead this great group of guys!

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