FBF Backblast – Celebrating Love

Nineteen PAX gathered on Saint Valentines Day in the gloom to make some improvements to our physiques mainly in the love handles region. After a short mosey and disclaimer and having no FNG’s, those gathered circles up in the cul-de-sac to warm up. Warm-o-Rama consisted of:

Frankenstein x 15 (IC), Abe Vig…Dean…some sort of stretching routine (OYO) with some weird guy counting incoherently in the background (Sprinkler?), the back on track with Chinooks x 10 (IC, repeat other side), Moroccan Night Clubs x 20 (IC), and rounding it off with 30 Merkins (OYO)

The Q then reduced to groups of 4 to 5 PAX to efficiently navigate themselves to the four valentines distributed about the school grounds. There was much less confusion than normal during this process for some reason, and each individual hopefully enjoyed YHC’s sentimental and authentic messages at each station.


Our group stayed together the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed the in-cadence counting and variety of exercise. Hopefully you all go enough by the time we all joined up and completed another six minutes of Mary:

ankle reaches on each side x 15 (IC) I still think there’s a real name for these…, Rosalitas x 20 (IC), American Hammer x 25 (IC)

The PAX (some of whom should sign up to Q): Fortran, Flounder, Blue Hen, Crankbait, Elaine, Checkbook, Water Wings, Change Order, Gilmore, Fudd, Madoff, Kay, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Boons Farm, Deliverance, Dean, Pacer, Epstein

Praying for the men at central prison and Kairos, Amy (Dr. Evil’s M), Elaine’s family waiting for the delivery of their fourth child, Kaylin, Allie

It is always an honor and a privilege gentlemen. Thanks for letting me lead!