Backblast 2/17/2020 – Feats of Strength

After giving an excellent mission statement of F3 and disclaimer we moseyed down the path by the playground and then up through the tennis court to the Cul-de-sac for Warmaroma which consisted of Side Straddle Hop, Abe Vigoda’s, Chinook Squats, Seam Rippers and Mountain Climbers. 

The PAX then split for their choice of a Boot Camp style workout lead by @Boone’s Farm or Feats of Strength lead by Flounder. 7 PAX (Deliverance, Hook’em, Epstein, Tardy, Crack bait, Cousin Eddie & Flounder) moseyed their way to the basketball court for FOS.

The Thang consisted of 3-Sets of the following circuit.  45 seconds of work & 15 seconds rest between stations.

  • Station 1 – Manmaker – (merkin /rows /squat/ overhead press) w/ 15 lb bumbbells
  • Station 2 – Dips
  • Station 3 – Step ups w/ Curls (10lb Dumbbells)
  • Station 4 – Shoulder Shrugs w/ CMU blocks
  • Station 5 – AB Wheel
  • Station 6 – Tire Flip then double hop through (Back & Forth)
  • Station 7 – Cross over Merkins w/ Kettlebell
  • Station 8 – Jump Rope
  • Station 9 – Alternating Kettlebell Overhead Press
  • Station 10 – Lieutenant Dans w/ a Twist holding basketball

@Boone’s Farms group joined us back on the basketball court for Mary See @Boone’s Farms Backblast for Roll Call, Joy’s & Concerns.

Always an honor! Hope you got enough.