Backblast – Red, White and Boom – 2/10/2020

23 PAX braved the morning gloom for a Monday motivation beat down, Dean, Mulligan, Water Wings, Sludge, Duvet, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Lovie, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Shear Conn, Red Hot, Tarde, Deliverance, Flounder, Hook ‘Em, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Pacer, Elaine, Blue Hen, Special Ed and YHC.

Co Q Flounder started off with an impeccable mission statement, PAX felt all the more motivated for a solid WOR led by Flounder (see backblast). PAX split off to the FOS and RWB.

RWB PAX moseyed to the bus benches to await Q instructions. En route, Gilmore eagerly asked if 5 burpee train whistle was in effect, Q obliged. Partner up, partner A does workout, partner B does lap around car rider circle.

  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat
  3. Derkins
  4. Merkins
  5. Alternating Stepup Jumps
  6. Jump Up Stepdown
  7. Elevated Donkey Kick
  8. Inverted Row
  9. WWII
  10. LSF
kevin hart running GIF by ADWEEK
PAX trying to discern the car rider circle, due to lack of clear Q instructions
Are You Crazy Starz GIF by Dublin Murders
Sprinkler after learning the runner was the timer, I believe the exact words were ‘we have to do this the whole time?’

YHC quickly had to modify the car rider circle as the .3 mile was a bit much and dropped it to .1 mile to W. Mtn. and back.

excited jack nicholson GIF
Halfway through, surely expecting some train whistle, Gilmore took matters into his own hands, ‘Bambi, you got your phone?’

PAX made it through 8 exercises and moseyed to the bball courts for Mary and COT.

Mary: Hammers

COT: Elaine, Tarde

(FOS PAX was seeing some spaceships during Q, not sure what y’all were doing over there but, drugs are bad mkay)

YHC led us out

An honor to lead, Bambi