Flash Bang Friday Back Blast:Row, Row Row Your Boat

8 Pax (Dean, Shear Conn, Madoff, Pacer, Gilmore, Craw Daddy, Chipper, and Q Far Side) who don’t fear the rain showed up for a mobile workout between sheds, fearing a downpour that never came.

kayaking black and white GIF by Boomerang Official

Warmo at Shelter #1: SSH X 15, Mountain Climbers X 15, Copperhead Squats X 15, Hillbillies X 15, Sungods X 15, Chinooks X 15, Abe Vigodas X 15

Long Mosey to Shelter #2 to do that Thang: Burpees X 10, Lunges X 10, Dips X 10, Step Ups X 10

Mosey to Shelter #3: Merkins X 15, CHead Squats X 15, WWI’s X 15, LowSlow Flutters (perfect form for Dr.Evil) x 15.

Mosey to Shelter #2 again: Star Jacks X10, Mountain Climbers X 10, Dry Docks X 10, Shoulder Taps x 10.

Loong Mosey to Shelter #1 for a RR of first Round 1 followedby Longer Mosey back around to the Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts.

Pre MOM: Wall Sits 90 seconds, Suicides, more Wall Sits, Planks, Crossover Run and backwards run (avoiding cones).

MOM: Marge Homers, Cruchy Frogs for 7 of us…and whatever Dean was doing! Hammers.

jane fondas workout 80s GIF

Prayers for Evil and men in Kairos program, Gilmore’s friend with rehab situation, and coworker who’s father passed away, keep Shutterfly Bob in your prayers.

Gentlemen, it is my honor.

Far Side

college football dancing GIF by Clemson Tigers

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