Backblast: Poison Ivey 2/5

6 PAX worked out in the safe space of Ivey Redmon, Tarde, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Dean and YHC for a Rocky inspired beat down chocked full of hair band power ballads.

WOR: SSH, Dean Vigoda, Sun Gods and some solid piriformis stretching, yes stretching

The Thang: Single Leg Hip Thrust – 50ea, Bulgarian Split Squat – 50ea, Derkins – 50, Alternating Stepup Jumps – 50, Jump Up Stepdown – 50, Elevated Donkey Kick – 50, Inverted Row – 50, Pullups – 50, WWII – 50, LSF – 50 – run to stairs, down and back after every set. PAX had a solid showing but, were only able to make it through Jump Up Stepdown. The Q bill passed the kangaroo court but, a solid suggestion from Lucky Charms to incorporate a partner workout.

WOR: Hammers

COT: Tarde’s mom Irene, Lucky Charm’s son’s father in law David

Q lead us out