Northern Aggression Backblast: Approved Weinke

Twenty, count ’em, fine men gathered in the gloom to observe a non-challenged, challenging workout.

To avoid a takeover challenge by the hamburger, YHC had the weinke signed by Maggie Weinke, cousin of the namesake, Chris Weinke (really!).

After a Warmarama of the usual stuff, it went like this:

Note the actual signature!!

Thankfully we had an actual train pass so Gilmore could encourage everyone to complete the 5 burpees.

It was tough to see Kay fight his chest injury.

Tclaps to our newest addition, Lovie’s 2.0. He is a high school junior, born in Chicago, enjoys computer games and works at Cookout. Dovie? (get it, Lovie Dovie?) Cubby? Nope and nope. Love Child was really close, but our new Pax is Milkshake. (how did we miss Corndog??). Tclaps to Milkshake for a strong first showing!

The Pax will be uploaded in video, Tardy style.

Hope you got enough!

Dr. Evil