Backblast: FOS 2/3

17 brave PAX beat back the gloom of Monday to participate in Dean pedometer 6,000 step count challenge or a FOS Lombardi Trophy hoisting ceremony by YHC, Dean, Checkbook, Elaine, Sprinkler, Epstein, Water Wings, Gilmore, Crankbait, Boone’s Farm, Duvet, Fudd, Dr. Evil, Testimony, Shear Conn, Sludge, Lovie and YHC.

WOR Dean led a solid warm up session

FOS – was really hoping for a few more PAX but, Fudd, Duvet and YHC were the lucky few to hoist the hardware. FOS almost met the 6,000 step mark as our timer was suicides

FOS: Incline Press, Flys, Close grip press, Bent over rows, Bent over one-arm lateral raise, curls, tricep extensions, swings, squats, deadlift, dumbell clean, lunge, man maker, upright row, lateral lunge

Mary: LSF, Homer & Marge, Hammers

COT: Prayers, Elaine, Sprinker, Slice N Dice

Gilmore led us out

An honor to lead, Bambi