Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday, Feb 1, 2020

13 PAX gathered in the cool gloom this morning to earn their Varsity Letters. PAX were Checkbook, Duvet, Chipper, Pacer, Wham-O, Sludge, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, Hook ‘Em, Fudd, Lucky Charm, Sprinkler, and Doubtfire (QIC). After essentially no disclaimer because there were no FNGs, we started with a mosey through the park and came to Cat Lady Circle for a brief Warm-O-Rama consisting of 10x Slow Abe Vigodas. PAX were slightly confused after the Q called for the next mosey, feeling cheated that they didn’t have more warm up than that. With that, we moseyed to the back parking lot for

  • Thang 1 – Strength Training
    • Started off with Jump Squat Holds from 10 (Jump Squat x10 followed by hold Al Gore for 10 count…R&R for JS x9 and Al Gore for 9 count…all the way to 1)
    • Motivator from 10 (10 Single count SSH, followed by 10 single count SSH with arms coming up 2/3, followed by 10 single count SSH with arms coming up 1/3, followed by 10 jumps with no arm movement) R&R down to 1 of each
    • Werkins 10 IC
    • Hand Release Merkins 10 IC
    • Clerking 10 IC
    • Lunge Walk to upper end of parking lot
    • Overhead claps x50 IC
    • Moroccan Nightclubs x50 IC
    • Cherry Pickers x50 IC
    • There was lots of mumble chatter at this point about shoulders and QIC pointed out that the original Q he stole this from had all PAX stopping any time a PAX stopped performing the exercises and doing a down the hill and up backwards, so they should be thankful as several PAX stopped several times along the way.
    • Mosey to the benches lot for
  • Thang 2 – Earn your Letters – PAX broke into two teams (uneven at first until Sludge became the official starter) for 4x races. Losing team of each race does 10x prison burpees (half burpee, 4x mountain climbers after the pushup, then the other half of the burpee)
    • Race #1 – Burpo – All PAX on each team held a low squat in a line, then 1×1 drop into a burp and return to a squat (Team 1 loses)
    • Race #2 – Low Plank Frogger – PAX hold low plank 2-3 ft apart. 1×1 PAX leapfrogs to end of line and holds low plank (Team 1 loses)
    • 3 PAX swapped sides from each team
    • Race #3 – Bridge Crabs – PAX hold bridge. 1×2 crab walk to end of line and resume bridge (A virtual tie on this one, except that Team 2 had a couple of people who cheated on their starts)
    • Race #4 – Gorilla Grommers – PAX do gorilla humpers. 1×1 PAX do 5 groiners and then back to gorilla humpers. (Team 2 loses)

Seeing that we still had plenty of time left on the clock at this point, QIC delegated to Sludge during the mosey and we did 25x Curb Bangers under the front portico of the school.

We moseyed to the basketball courts for Partner Suicides/BTTW. Rinse and Repeat once

Per PAX recommendations, we then did 10x monkey humpers and then 10x merkins.

  • Circled up on the courts for 6MOM
    • Low Dolly’s – 10x
    • Cindy Crawfords – 10x each side
    • Crunchy Frogs – 10x
    • Hammers (20x)
  • Prayer Concerns
    • Fudd’s parents selling their house in rural WV
    • Anthony Billings’ mom getting to middle stage of Alzheimers
    • Rawhide – left arm still hurting some still, but recovering well
    • Shawn’s daughter Allie – Gilmore to follow up about how the addiction recovery program is going
    • Kaylee – 14 year old eating disorder
    • Dr. Evil – asking PAX to sign up for prayer chain for Kairos prison ministry next Wednesday through Saturday
      • Baking cookies for Kairos tomorrow afternoon starting at 1:00pm in Fellowship Hall of Main Street UMC if you’re able to help
    • Reach out to a PAX you haven’t seen in awhile – special prayers for Tenderfoot

Thanks for letting me lead today. Always a pleasure gentlemen. Hope you got enough.

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