Backblast – 1/31/20 Flash Bang Friday (Tardy, for sure. Sprinkler-ish, maybe.

16 or so faithful PAX greeted the cool air gloom with vigor. With a severely botched disclaimer and not wanting my restless legs to get restless we went for a little mosey to get warm. After taking the long way around to the cul-de-sac, Evil kindly reminded me that if I had just turned in the other direction from the start we would have made it to warm-o-rama much sooner. Ah, what fun is that? Now that our warm blood was freely flowing through our body we did few more warming exercises;
Seam rippers

From there we moseyed to the school bus lot behind the school. The PAX were observant and noticed the pre-placed cones. Since we are all very environmentally conscious, I recycled a weinke.

Ten exercises were listed on that weinke;
Thigh master
Mt. Climbers (IC)
Carolina cry docks
180 jump squats
Hand release merkins
Bobby Hurley
Shoulder tap (IC)
Star jumps
Starting with burpees, one rep was performed at the first cone, two reps at the second cone, three reps and the third cone, four reps and the fourth cone, then three reps, two reps and one rep at the following cones. Then move to the next listed exercise. Rinse and repeat the list.

Unfortunately, Epstein is on the injured reserve. Having performed Bobby Hurley’s like Michael Jordan he tweaked his back and had to mosey home. Speedy recovery to you Epstein.

Omaha was then called followed by a mosey to the basketball court for Mary.
Low slow flutters

Now for the best part. During COT I inadvertently turned off my recorder and I lost name-a-rama, praises, and prayers. So, I am attempting to recreate from memory. The PAX; Mathers, Epstein (hopefully mending), Bambi, Elaine, Lovey, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Water Wings, Gilmore, Dean, Far Side, Florida (good to be seeing you back), Change Order, Crankbait, Red Hot, & QIC (Mulligan).
Prayers for several mother in laws with various illnesses. Dr evil requesting cookie assistance at Main St Methodist from 1-5 Sunday (its on the 3rd F on Slack).
I apologize for the technical difficulties, must’ve been the beginning long mosey.

This is always fun.

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