Backblast – Pain in the Park – 1/25/20 – Saturday “Sludgefest Preparty” (feat. DJ Crawdaddy)


PAX: Checkbook, Duvet, Pacer, Kay, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Sludge, Chipper, Epstein, Hook’em, Mathers, Doubtfire, Swiss Miss, Crawdaddy 

QIC: Crawdaddy

14 Pax with nothing to lose showed in cleared skies and dewy ground. With calories to burn so we can add them back on at the annual Sludgefest this merry eve, we checked for FNGS.  Hearing none, a phoned-in disclaimer lead into a dark and almost blind lap through the woods.


Everyone surviving we circled up:

WAR: 15x Side Straddle Hops , Abe Vigotas, Chinnoks, Mountain Climbers and Frankensteins

Groups then paired up for the main even as the dance floor opened. Random chance brought some interesting pairs.

man-up-and-boy-up Crawdaddy and Lucky

mathers Mathers and Kay

DJ booth fires up with tribute to “The Professor” Neil Peart and his maple syrup based brothers..

The Thang:

Designated pair will have one run suicide while partner does Split Jacks awaiting being tagged to switch and do the same.  Once both are complete the head to main group and cause rotation.

Station 1: Partner 1 stays under shelter and partner 2 runs to fence and does 15 Merkins and comes back to switch

Station 2: Partner 1 Gorilla Squats, runner to fence 15 Split Jacks (IC)

trainThe morning mist and sweet sounds of being Rick Rolled and salutes to the Rhythm Nation were pierced by the sound of a Norfolk Southern diesel and caused the group to drop for 5 Burpees .

Station 3 : Low Slow flutters, runner 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 4: Lt. Dans, runner 15 count Dippin Dots (IC)

doubtfire and hookem Doubtfire and Hook’em getting into the Ratt tune Back for More..


Once group had all gone twice we moved on.

lildogMeanwhile Chipper and Sludge on injured reserve were out for a run.


With plenty of time on the clock we split into two groups:

Group 1 did circle of Merkins, while second group ran to shelter 1 did 10 step ups each leg.  Switch…

Group 1 did Burpee then lap the group, while second Group did 10 Erkins / 10 Derkins

Group 1 did wall sits, runner goes to half court 5 merkins then tag out, Group 2  did 5 Burpees at shelter.

With Metallica bringing the crowd to tears we head into the encore.

A song came on that spoke to Gilmore’s fashion sense.

6 Minutes of Mary:

Marge and Homer, Reverse LBCs, Crunchy Frogs, Adeles (Cindy Crawfords), Dying Cockroaches and 21 American Hammers..

Prayers / Announcements:

Sludgefest 6:30  – don’t park on the lawn, if you arrive after 6:45, come in front door, hang a right and look for stairs to basement.

Gilmore talked about article  (now on Slack) by Billy Graham

Prayers for Shawn and Alley

Hanson will have an Eagle Scout Project in King on February 15th and is looking for volunteers. See link below

Hanson Eagle Project 2/15/20

Gilmore lead us out..

Always a pleasure Gents… Crawdaddy out boyeeeeee..











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