The recipe for Red, White and Boom- Tastiest Back Blast 1/20/2020

Within just a few seconds of stepping out my warm car, I was contemplating if I could pull off the first ever “Q from the car.” When @epstein decides to wear pants, I believe that is a good indicator that even fur has its limits.

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With a quick disclaimer, we moseyed to the circle where for a moment my heart was filled with such contempt. Words cant describe the perfectly, coordinated, in-sync, display of SSH. It worthy of every award known to man!

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I didnt know how we would ever reach that level of awesomeness again, but we had to move on.

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Seam Rippers, Abe Bigodas, and franksteins soon followed.

With no one signed up as Q for FOS, the pax moseyed to the bus parking lot, where our joyous exploration of the culinary world began

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. The rules:

A question of the Gastronomy category would be read to a random pax member whose face could be seen in the light.

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The Q read the exercise with a predetermined set number, if the question was answered incorrectly that number would be doubled. If in some amazing form of chef inspired brilliance the pax crew got every question correct, a large and much appreciated heart felt pat on the back would follow Mary.

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With the rules explained the highlights are as follow…

First question: What type of berry will bounce when fully ripe- answer given blueberries

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Cranberries- was the answer

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What nut is traditionally in Waldorf salad ?

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The red food coloring in Carmine is extracted from what source? Beetles not A fish @gilmore

@dr-evil fact checked-Skittles is a vegan prodct however they used to it before 2009! So hopefully no vegans will protest knowing that skittles no longer farms blue beetles just the red ones!

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Peta disapproved

@sludge throwing the pax under the bus, with his pistachio answer intentionally I think so! Where is the green!!

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Where is the green?

A pound cake has equal parts of 1 lb of flour, eggs, butter, and sugar- True

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The big surpise @lovey…Mire poix contains what 3 vegetables…Onions, Carrots and CELERY. did not expect anyone to get that honestly!

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After the bonus round of using your burpee buzzer we moseyed to the bball court for mary where the trivia pursuit- Cheffin edition continued. “Shake and Bake”, American Hammers Homer/ Marge were used as final ingredients as the oven timer went off.

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Prayer Concerns: Gilmore friends Allie and Shawn and her faily as they go through a recovery program

Fanny Pack- Devotions Tuesdays at 530am DOES NOT INCLUDE A FREE BISCUIT…

Sludge Fest Saturday!!! Information and Address on Slack

Truly an honor to lead!

Slice N Dice

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