The warmth of a light January drizzle and lightning could not dampen the spirits of the 24 PAX in attendance to better themselves. Thank you Crankbait for the early birthday gift of a brand new, mint bolero for the Q’s comfort and ease of movement on such an unseasonably warm morning in the gloom!

After an effective and brief disclaimer and purpose statement by our own Flounder attending PAX (Jane, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Sprinkler, Sludge, Dean, Pacer, Boone’s Farm, Crankbait, Shear Conn, Fortran, Blue Hen, Flounder, Tarde, Hook em, Checkbook, Duvet, Lovie, Elaine, Bambi, Kay, Water Wings, Testimony, Epstein) headed to the kit-t-sac for warm-o-rama. Flounder took his strongmen to the shelter (see his backblast for details) while YHC led the rest of the PAX on a brief mosey to the roadside hill near the park entrance.

First exercise consisted of 21 Lieutenant Dan’s (OYO) before running to the bottom of the hill and backpedaling back up to the sidewalk. Gilmore astutely noted much of the counting had to have been off – so we did the next 21 Lieutenant Dan’s on the Q’s count. Dr. Evil took a moment to move the group from the sidewalk as a courtesy to the oncoming pedestrian… but wait a minute! It was Sludge, so everybody got back in the way to finish the round #ironsharpensiron.

We then took a mosey to the northeast shelter (to avoid any potential criminal offenses on school property according to one easily-offended PAX), where we could shed some light on things. Here we worked out 21 Carolina Dry Docks, followed by 21 single-leg step-ups (repeato OYO). Mosey to the playground.

Everybody then either did 21 Side-plank push-ups each side broken up by 42 helicopters, or laid around waiting for the others to do this combination of exercises #modifyasnecessary

The group at this point was hitting it’s stride and made a pit stop by the Feats of Strength shelter for 21 monkey humpers (IC) before heading back to the roadway hill. YHC almost lost the count when I realized there were multiple members of the RWB crew doing Himalayan Humpers in the shelter – well played gentlemen! After arriving back along the sidewalk next to Mountain Street the passers-by were treated as we completed another 21 monkey humpers (IC).

After an all-important check of the time and the Q’s winky, we moseyed back to the shelter at the other end of the park. The PAX did a great job sandwiching 42 merkins between 21 sungods (IC, repeato other side) before heading back to the comfort of the playground. Again there appeared to be a lot of lounging during this round, but 42 low dolly’s were not too boring for most everybody still in the heckling mood. We picked up the FOS crew on the way to what was a thoroughly moistened basketball court for 6MOM.

Running short on time for Mary, but still committed to a strong finish we quickly did 21 Nolan Ryan’s (IC – Repeato other side) then 21 Rosalitas (IC) and 21 American Hammers (IC).

Prayers for Jane’s grandpa, Gilmore, and signup announcement for Sludgefest 3 in two Saturdays.

It’s always an honor to lead and be a part of this group!