Backblast 1/13/2020 – Feats of Strength

5 PAX (Bambi, Tarde, Duvet, Hook Em’ and Q Flounder wanting no part of an Epstein wet Birthday “Boot Camp Style” workout separated from the PAX after providing the PAX with perfect F3 mission statement, disclaimer and Warmaroma.

WOR – Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigoda’s, Seam Rippers, Hillbillies and a crowd pleasure round of Chinook Squats.

“Feats of Strength” Held in the dry confines of Dr. Evil’s Convalescent Shelter went like this. 3+ rounds of the below 8 station circuit going 45 seconds of high intensity work w/ 15 second of rest while changing stations.

  • Station #1 – Bench Press w/ Overhead Pullover w/ CMU Block
  • Station #2 – Reverse Pull-up (Under Table)
  • Station #3 – Side Lunges w/ 25lb Kettlebell
  • Station #4 – Curls w/ 25lb dumbbells
  • Station #5 – Pistol Push/Pulls w 8lb dumbbell
  • Station #6 – Step Ups w/ Ironman Cross w/ dumbbell
  • Station #7 – Kettlebell Swing (30lb)
  • Station #8 – Lieut. Dan’s w/ 15lb dumbbells

We met back up with Epstein and the other PAX on the Basketball Court for Mary. See Epstein’s backblast for attendees, Mary, Praises & Concerns

Thanks for allowing me to try and lead!

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