Backblast – Flash Bang Friday – 1/3/20 – “Gimme Shelter”- A Crawdaddy Production


Pax: Mulligan, Dr. Evil, Flounder, Tarde, Madoff, Sprinkler, Kay, Sludge, Epstein, Check Book, Fudd, Deliverance, Bambi, Blue Hen, Water Wings, Whamo, Boonesfarm, Pacer, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy –  creamy apparently as the world sees him

19 befuddled Pax braved the rain that never showed to see what Friday’s Q held in store.  With the QIC being called out as creamy, he certainly had something to prove.  No FNGs in sight, and noticing that Epstein had no new knit top to show us,  an attempt at a disclaimer was made which was met by an odd coming together of opinion by the pax, led by the Neon BOGO Twins Mulligan and Flounder.


WAR: A quick lap around the parking spots (a late Pacer almost took out the entire group) led us to circle up.

15X  Side Straddle Hops, 3 count Abe Vigotas, Cotton Pickers, Chinooks, and Frankensteins

Group then counted off into A & Bs – simply because the QIC felt like it.. no reason.

The Thang:

Travel to each Shelter and add an exercise going up by 5 reps with each addition.

Shelter 1 – 5 Burpees

Shelter 2 – 5 Burpees, 10 Split Jacks

Shelter 3 – 5 Burpees, 10 Split Jacks, 15 Hillbillies (IC)

Shelter 4 – 5 Burpees, 10 Split Jacks, 15 Hillbillies (IC), 20 Merkins

Shelter 5*** – 5 Burpees, 10 Split Jacks, 15 Hillbillies (IC), 20 Merkins,                                                         25 Gorilla Squats

*** Comes a time in every Q when just that one thing goes wrong.. just one.  QIC couldn’t read his winky (it was dark…and cold). With help from Tarde, Kay and Sludge, it was to no avail. So he called an audible and wondered why he was even there.

why am i hear.gif How the QIC felt, but seriously, does this not look and sound like Dean?  Anyone?  Moving onnnn…

Shelter 6 – 5 Burpees, 10 Split Jacks, 15 Hillbillies (IC), 20 Merkins,                                                         25 Gorilla Squats, 30 Mountain Climbers (IC), 35 Barishnikovs***


***Where the form presented would grant no one a tryout for the Bolshoi.. If you have no idea what this means, try turning off Facetube and reading a book now and then you troglodytes.


Another audible called to move back to shelter 1 for Mary.

6 MOM:

15x Marge and Homer, Low slow flutters, Cindy Crawfords right and left, Crunchy Frogs and American Hammers.  Mumble Chatter was extra high but I thin one person counted along.  I tried to point out the importance of working as a team.. That went over well.

dont care.gif Checkbook and Deliverance sharing “feelings”.

Announcements:  Sludegfest – Sign up, Pay up and show up

Sludge led us out

Always a pleasure Gents – Hear endeth the lesson – Crawdaddy out!




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