Backblast – Redmond Aggression 1.1.2020

15 faithful PAX and 1 FNG rang in the new year at Ivey Redmond park to start the year off right with a little exercise to get blood moving including: Sludge, Kay, Doubtfire and his FNG son, Epsteina, Crankbait, Crawdaddy, Dean, Dr. Evil, Special Ed, Checkbook, Mulligan, Lucky Charms, Gilmore, Whamo, and YHC. After a botched attempt at the vision statement, we got into Indian run formation and headed for the roadway for WOR.

  • SSH X 15 IC
  • Sun God Sobriety Style X 10 IC & reverse
  • Frankensteins X 10 IC
  • Seam Rippers X 10 IC

Whamo lunge walk was the first exercise where a frisbee is thrown and whilst in the air, all PAX sprint until the frisbee hits the ground, at which point the PAX would lunge walk to the site of the frisbee. We learned a few things – 1 – frisbees fly to the right in the morning – 2 – all PAX understanding of hits the ground is different – 3 – there’s a barbed wire fence near the roadway. This was the time the queue all fell apart, but we must keep moving.

Next was another Indian run that became a blob as we moseyed over to the concession benches. Dips/Derkins/Dips X 20 single count. Then we sprinted to the dirt pile and back to the benches for step ups/irkins/step ups X 20 single count. Sprint to the dirt pile then bear crawl back to the concession area. Bear crawls will not be a part of the Friday workout said the Q for Friday.

Mosey over to the pull up bars for a math crowd pleaser – morning calls. One PAX does 5 pull ups and calls them out while the other PAX do a merkin for each pull up. Yes, that was supposed to be a lot of merkins. But the middle schooler came out in all of us and we went changing the course of this exercise by having two PAX do pulls ups at the same time – the teacher/Q did notice!

Mosey over to the stairs for … you guessed it, merkins / copperhead squats doing 11’s. Merkins at the top and squats at the bottom. LBC’s were done as the 6 came in. From YHC’s perspective, this was the quietest part of the workout.

We then moseyed down to the lower lot and partnered up. One partner ran pole to pole while the other partner did an air chair aka Al Gore X 3.

Mary consisted of:

  • Reverse LBC’s
  • Low slow flutters
  • Hammers

We had the pleasure of naming an FNG today. Doubtfire’s 12 year old son joined us. He plays baseball, is lightening quick like his dad, and wore matching clothing to his dad. We welcome Rawhide to the PAX. Solid name for a young man … maybe not so if it was chosen for an older individual.


  • Sign up for Sludgefest. Bring $15 per person (no 2.0’s) by January 15 to Sludge to get dollars to the caterer.
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while


  • Keep the Lane family lifted
  • Mulligan’s mother in law for the road ahead

YHC led us out leaving what needs to stay behind in 2019, looking to follow the path laid before us in 2020, and doing so while sharpening others.

Pleasure to lead, gentlemen. Always an adventure!

Duv-et out

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