Pain in the Park – Dec 14, 2019. The Last Waltz

11 drip-dry pax convened to start the weekend with vigor and send YHC out of The Gloom with one to remember.

The Pax: Epstein, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, Boone’s Farm, Fudd, Kay, Tardy, Lucky Charms, Whamo, Doubtfire, FloRida (QIC).

WARMARAMA – smooth flow from top to bottom…
Side Straddle Hops, 15 IC
Chinooks, 10 IC
Sun Gods, 10 IC
Don Quixotes, 10 IC
Seam Rippers, 10IC
Peter Parkers, 10 IC
Parker Peters, 10IC

Mosey to the front schoolyard. Gilmore admitted to a few nerves about traveling so far from the plumbing but soldiered gamely on.
B.L.I.M.P.S. – at six stations around the perimeter of the schoolyard.
Burpees x10
Lunges x 20
Imperial Walkers x 30 IC
Merkins x 40
Plankjacks x 50 single count
Squats x 60
Rinse and Repeat
Doubtfire looked a little rusty on the first lap, but found his rhythm and left YHC in the dust on lap two.

Mosey to the law office parking lot, step around the puddles, where Boone’s Farm correctly predicted a quick pub crawl:
Bear Crawl up the parking lot; Crawl Bear back down. Tardy almost skated down the wet pavement.
Lunge walk up and return down the parking lot, with squat at each parking stripe.

Mosey around the Nelson Street corner and line up for Indian-style Monkey Humpers. Last pax in line calls 4 humpers in cadence, then runs to the front of the line. Eleven pax x 4 humpers each was just starting to suck.

Lucky Charms noticed we were conveniently close to the School St Dragway, so each pax aired it out in a sprint to the school benches. #RunWhatchaBrung. Dr. Evil took the early lead, but a ferocious effort by Kay made it a race worth watching. Tclaps to Kay for pushing himself to the Merlot-spilling limit.

At the pickup benches, 10 Step-ups each leg, then 20 Irkins. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to the guardrail behind the school for 20 Dips IC.

Mosey to basketball court for a soggy 6+ MINUTES OF MARY:
Nolan Ryans, 10 IC each side.
Homer & Marge
American Hammers, 25 IC
Fastidious Epstein went Chippendale to keep his shirt dry. #NeverCold.

Circle of Trust
YHC offers many thanks to Fudd and all the rest for encouraging wishes and sincere prayers. News and updates on Slack.

Doubtfire is finishing up his relocation next weekend, and sends his thanks in advance for anticipated help moving boxes. Promise no packing or un-packing.

Gilmore led us out. Always an privilege to belong, a joy to participate, and an honor to lead. Aye!

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