Backblast: Poison Ivey Redmon 12/11/2019

Wet … the ground was wet. The trees were wet. Everything was wet. That did not stop 9 faithful PAX from entering the gloom. @Thinmint, @crawdaddy, @dean, @lucky charms, @tenderfoot, @chipper, @bambi, @tarde, @duvet all embarked on some running. Yes, I had us running today for what @dean called a mediocre queue.


  • Mountain Climbers X10 IC
  • Abe Vigodas
  • Seam Rippers
  • Sun Gods X10 & reverso
  • Frankenstien’s X10

The Thang:

On the road, run three poles then do 10 squats. Alternate running forwards and backwards all the way to the street (That’s 70 squats!) We were nearly run down by a motor vehicle. A moped … a silent moped almost took out the PAX!

At the end of the road, run back stopping at every 4th pole to do monkey humpers X10 IC.

We then lined up at the stop line to the upper parking lot for a sprint – @dean decided he forgot how to count and left 3 seconds early …. @thinmint still nearly caught him.

We counted off into two groups.

Round 1 – Group 1 Pull ups X15; Group 2 Lt. Dan’s – switch

Round 2 – Group 1 Pull ups X10; Group 2 Bobby Hurleys – switch

Over to the brick wall for:

  • Irkins X15
  • Derkins X15
  • Dips X15
  • Up and down the stairs x2
  • Rinse / Repeat

Down to the lower lot for some more sprints. On the way down @tarde mentioned he still had a dry derriere – Mary’s would change this.


  • LBC’s X10 IC
  • Dying Cockroaches X10 IC
  • Hammers X10 IC


@Crawdaddy received a letter from St. Judes the day he was going to send the check indicating any donation between particular dates would be doubled. Instead of raising ~$1,200 we raised ~$2,500 – T-claps to @crawdaddy and the rest of the supporting PAX. Good things happen when good people do good things.


3 men that @chipper work with – company is liquidating and employees will be left with no severance – @chipper has some windows of opportunity, but pray for his co-workers

@fudd is having professional cleansing – to which @crawdaddy says “didn’t they just do the other end recently … hopefully it’s not the same tools”

Crawdaddy led us out.

A pleasure to lead – even when it’s wet and windy.

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