Feats of strength backblast 12/9/19

After a perfect disclaimer by my Co-Q Boone’s farm, we got right to it.

WAR – See back blast from Boone’s farm

The Thang @ the Convalescent center

7’s to high energy Christmas music

  • Step ups (both legs=1) and Nolan Ryan (alternate sides)
  • Derkins and American hammers ic
  • Dips and Lunge-clap
  • Irkins and Pretzel crunches ic
  • Shoulder taps and Prisoner get ups ic
  • Newton’s cradle and Turkish get ups
  • Gorilla squats and Curls (both arms=1)
  • Lawnmower and low slow flutters ic
Some pax liked the Christmas music
Some pax said the music was too slow
Hopefully everyone got ripped


  • Rosalita whips x19ic
  • Freddie Mercuries x20ic
  • AH x20ic


COR: 27 with the Q

NOR: Chipper, Red Hott, Duvet, Shear Conn, Madoff, Boone’s farm (Co-Q), Flounder, Hook ’em, Tenderfoot, Blue hen, Jane, Dr Evil, Water wings, Deliverance, Slice and dice, Gilmore, Fudd, Checkbook, Lovie, Mulligan, Crawdaddy, Elaine, Crankbait, Elaine, Epstein, Dean, Tarde (Co-Q)

Prayers and announcements: 

Mulligan reported on the big marathon weekend for St Jude’s. Safe travels and great runs for everyone. His father in law placed first in his age group (75-90), finishing 10 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher (Lucky charms??? No he’s in the 91+ age group). The event raised over $12 million.

The Kernersville F3 yard sale raised $1200. T claps to all who participated, and especially our organizer Crawdaddy.

We’re still collecting warm items for Crank bait, and he will be distributing these on Christmas Eve with more details coming soon. 

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