Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday 12/7/2019 – Mulligan Spirit Run

Pax – Epstein, Deliverance, Tarde, Dr. Evil, Bambi, Chipper, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Kay, Checkbook, Boones Farm, Crawdaddy (QIC)

12 Pax gathered to run in spirit with our brother Mulligan who along with other family members was running to raise funds for St. Judes.

After a totally phoned in disclaimer – we were off.

WAR – 15 SSH, 10 Chinooks per direction, Abes 3 count x 10, hurdler stretches .

The Thang – 4 pain stations in the skate park for pairs awaiting to do a 1 mile run out to the post office and back. Ya’ll know what you did..

Each pair ran the route 2 times, except Evil and Kay who stepped up and ran it 3 times.. Well done guys.

We ended with stretches and 26 American Hammers.

Prayers and Praises: Evil talked about the Night Watch program.  Prayers for Mulligan and his run.

Evil prayed us out.

Thanks Gents – Crawdaddy