Poison Ivey Backblast

9 Pax gathered on this crisp cool waxing moon morning: Dean, Crawdaddy, Chipper, Lucky Charms, Bambi, Crankbait, Tenderfoot, Fudd, ShearConn(Q)

WOR: (20) SSH, (20) Cotton Pickers, (10) Ave Vigodas ea side, (20) Hillbillies, Hurdler stretches in cadence.

Indian run up to road and around ball field to concession stand.

At the tables: (20) erkins, (20) dips, (10) stepups each leg.

Mozy to the hill for 11s. WWIIs at top/ Prisoner getups at bottom.

Suicides across the parking lot. Shortened version of play-by-play: Lucky in the lead with Chipper a nose behind, Crawdaddy pressing down and surging past Lucky to break away in the back stretch. Dean found his second wind and surged forward in the return stretch, but too little too late to catch the Poison Ivey Derby winner Crawdaddy. (Next time we’ll actually let everyone know when we’re racing.)

Return to the lower lot for music: “Steady as She Goes” by the Raconteurs. One mercan for each “Steady as She Goes”. (Total of 30 mercans in the 4 minute song.)

Mary: Cindy Crawfords, Low slow flutters and (1) American Hammer

Announcements: Yard sale on Saturday: Take a picture of items you plan to donate and send to Crawdaddy so he can advertise the sale. Set up at 8:15 in the parking lot of Musten & Crutchfield. Yard sale from 9:00 to 12:00. Help by advertising to neighbors and social media. (Lucky to announce to folks downtown while performing his duty as the town crier and oil lamp lighter.)

Prayer Concerns: Principle at Atkins passed away unexpectedly. (Prayers for family, teachers and students at Atkins)

Coworker of Lucky that was about to retire passed away. Reminder to prepare for tomorrow……but live for today.

Prayer for coworker of Crankbait that lost twins at 12 weeks into pregnancy

Prayer for Crankbait and business partner that all goes well with a presentation today to a new client.

Prayer for Fudd’s daughter (Cassidy) dealing with pregnancy. (Morning sickness, etc.)

Crankbait organizing effort to hand out clothes to the homeless on Christmas Eve. (Details to follow)

Crankbait led us out

Always an honor. Shear Conn