Spin the Bottle – Pain in the Park backblast 11/30/19


  • SSH x10
  • Then I started calling on people to lead their favorite WAR exercise
  • Dr Evil led 40 (Forty!!!) Sun God’s sobriety style
  • Checkbook led imperial squats
  • Chipper led seam rippers
  • YHC led Don Quixotes 

THE Thang – Spin the Bottle

  • Pax stands in a circle, with bottle in the middle
  • Each member of pax given a stack of 5 to 10 cards with exercise names on them
  • Take turns spinning the bottle
  • Whoever is selected by the bottle spin will play a card of their choice
  • Based on 2 or 3 cards played by Pax, the Q creates a routine (improv!)
  • Formats included 7’s, 11’s, 1 minute timed events, and Dora 123
YHC undertook expert preparation for spin the bottle

Routines created from Pax bottle spins and card selection were:

  • Basketball court – Lt. Dan’s and Merkins – 7’s
  • Playground – Prisoner get ups and Carolina dry docks – 7’s
  • Bridge to picnic shelter – Burpees and Dying cockroaches – 11’s
  • Bodenhamer parking lot – inchworm travel, with plankjack Dora 1,2,3 on each parking lot line
  • Near the first responders circle – Dora 1,2,3 on a three station circuit with Derkins, monkey humpers, and Parker peters
Certain unnamed Pax on the left.
Me on the right.
Certain unnamed Pax wanted 7’s with their burpees.
We did 11’s
Improv is the highest form of Q.

6MOM – starting to drizzle, so we found a dry area under a big tree.  Pax led their favorite ab exercises

  • Mulligan led protractors
  • Gilmore led pretzel crunches
  • WhamO led reverse LBCs
  • Boone’s farm led 1 minute plank
  • Gilmore led AH

COR 8 Pax

NOR Mulligan, Gilmore, WhamO, Boone’s farm, Dr Evil, Checkbook, Chipper, Tardy (Q)

Announcements. Yard sale next Saturday. See slack for details

Prayers. WhamO’s cousin Joy recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

YHC led us out.

We concluded with x22 Merkins for the troops.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

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