2019-11-27 Ivey Redmond Backblast

6 pax joined YHC in the gloom (totaling 7) to have fun and get in a workout. We began with a quick mosey to the upper lot for a true WOR:

15x SSH

15x Stretching Sun Gods – It was about this time that Tarde arrived. I believe Duvet questioned whether or not he was late on purpose as some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy

Image result for self-fulfilling prophecy
Tarde and his approach to Being on-time

12x Double Dean Vigodas (hold 3 count each side, twice). Bambi loved it.

More stretching including backs – Lucky was thrilled!

Image result for loved it gif
Lucky and Bambi during stretching

Then Bambi’s Rugby Balls in the lighted area of the parking lot. This consisted of one team doing exercises while the other team did running through the parking lot throwing the balls.

Fun was had by all.

Image result for fun gif
The collective Pax

Then Dips/derkins step ups

Then more Rugby ballin

Image result for beckham catch gif
Duvet showing off catching skills

Then 7s at the hill

Then pull-ups/leg lifts

Then more rugby ballin

Then we headed to the lower lot for Marys. We had to pause as a Kville Police officer was tempted to ticket an ivey Redmond employee that was whipping through the parking lot. Hook’em was ready to go man…we had to hold him back from the action.

Image result for hold me back gif
Hook “Em was ready…

We then did Mary’s including jelly fish, homer/marge, E2Ks etc.

Image result for mmm forbidden donut gif
Tardy with the 10 “Forbidden Donut” count
Image result for beard gif
Hook ’em with beard

The PAX: Shear Conn, Tardy, Duvet, Bambi, Hook ‘em, Lucky Charms, Dean (Q), Bambi’s Balls. 

Announcements/Prayer requests: Lots of people traveling.  Thankful for the police and hard jobs, especially this time of year.  Praise for Tardy’s son getting a couple job offers!  Pray for those battling cancer (friend of Bambi’s battling for second time).  Beth Green doing well after Kidney transplant, pray for continued health.

Shear conn (Soul mate) took us out.

Honor to play along side you all and pretend it’s a workout,


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