11/20/2019 – Backblast – Poison Ivey

Reboot of small balls production

11 dedicated PAX gather at 5:25 and start at 5:30. After a short mosey around the lower lot, we began the work out.


Mosey down to lighted space in lot

Exercises:                            (15) Side Straddle Hops – Cad

                                                (15) Frankenstein’s – Cad

                                                (15) Hillbillies – Cad

                                                (10) Abe Vigotas

Break-up in 2 groups by counting off

2 buckets per team.  Each person has a golf ball for each station.  Each person moves golf ball from one bucket to the next after each station.  Team to move their golf balls the fastest wins.  Losing team, 5 burpees.

Station #1 – Stairs

5 times up and down steps with 5 Lt Dans at bottom

Station #2 – White Building

20 Step-ups each leg and 20 Thigh Masters each leg                

Station #3 – Concession Stand Tables

20 Dips and 20 Derkins

Station #4 – Play Ground

10 Pull-ups and 10 Leg-Ups

Station #5 – Corner of lot

20 Hand Release Merkins and 30 Mountain Climbers

Extra time             Team 1 did squats while Team 2 did suicides. Unforunately we didn’t have time to switch off. 😉


Exercises:                            Scissor Kicks

                                                I Beams

                                                Knee Scrappers?

            American Hammers       

In Attendance: Duvet, Hookem, Lucky, Crawdaddy, Crankbait, Dean, Epstein, Chipper, Gilmore and Shear Conn (who we found out was 74! per Dean lol)

Prayer Request: Hookem Hamstring injury is doing better, Thinmint getting cleared and contracted, Gilmore reminding us to not forget the meaning of Christmas and to remember those who are hurting this time of year, Crankbait Clothes Drive on Christmas Eve morning and St Judes Yard sale and clothes drive on Dec 7th thanks to Crawdaddy.

Duvet took us out with prayer.

Always a pleasure to lead this amazing group of Christ followers and community leaders!

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