Backblast poison Ivy/ Northern Agression 11/13/19

As @Elaine stated yesterday it will be cold as balls, this morning certainly lived up that. Bringing out a less than hollywood blockbuster version of Robin Hood’s Men in Tights.

Still even in this rigid cold there were a few pax wearing shorts. Showing they fear nothing, including frostbite.

After a quick disclaimer and mention of our sponsors, we split into 2 lines for an Indian run. In honor of what will be shake and bake week, one line would be carrying a bag of trophies, and the other line 2 mountain dew bottles. As always, YHC is learning simple instructions is best. With that instructions were given that the leader of the line would always be passed the 2 objects. As we ran we quickly realized KVEGAS needs to widen their sidewalks to appease our craziness of a mosey.

With a longer than normal mosey to keep our bodies from freezing, we somewhat gracefully shuffled past Mrs Winners. Leading us to Pinnacle bank parking lot where we continued our need to keep warm,

Warm a Rama- SSH

Seam rippers

The thang: as always the most awkward exercise tunnel of love. Definitely a good idea to accomplish this on the grass!

After one round we jump in an Indian run line and moseyed to the dreaded hill.

“Daniel-son” kicks were done at the bottom with a “Bernie Sanders” run- backward run uphill. Crunchy frogs at the top. Run back down and more daniel sons.

Ater a quick run back up the hill we attempted ww2 where we learned to have a clear line of sight of all traffic. With a close call of being squished , we trekked to another location to finish our WW2

Partner up for Booyah merkins

Mosey-This time attempting to pay attention to the local traffic.

Gorilla Humpers

Nolan ryans

Flutter Kicks

With the impromptu addition of Dr Evil Ring of Fire with exploding merkins, we finished with American hammers.

Pax Attendance: Dr Evil, Elaine, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Checkbook, Madoff “Shake and Bake”, Sludge, Gilmore, Boone’sFarm, Dean, Lovey, Bambi, Flounder, Deliverance,Chipper, Pacer,Sprinkler, Elaine, Love Boat( FNG-Scott) welcome!

Announcements: Crawdaddy posting more information for the Yard Sale Fundraiser.

I lead us out in Prayer

Always an honor to lead, and to participate.

Slice n Dice