Backblast – Pain in the Park, Saturday Nov 9

8 well-layered pax shook off the warmth of the sack for a romp through the Frosty Confines of Fourth of July Park and KES. Vistor Sac (for Sacagawea, in honor of his navigating prowess) from Dash Pax dropped by for a tour of the AO.

Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC
Abe Vigodas, elderly slow – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

THE THANG – Travel around the AO, with stops along the way.

Mosey to Shelter 2 for SEVENS – Bench Jump Ups and Dips. Despite his protests about cold weather, Kay secretly thrives in the chill, besting all with impressive jumps to the tabletop.

Mosey to Tennis Courts for Bear Crawl across & Lunge Walk return. 3X. Kay ran through a resting 10 count so fast, that QIC had to call for a rinse and repeat. Of the 10 count. #FirstTimeForEverything.

Mosey to Guardrail for SEVENS – Derkins and Thighmasters. QIC not attentive to our guest and left Sac hanging with no instruction on Thighmaster procedure. Like Barnabas the encourager, Sludge keeps an eye on the pax and guided the visitor back into the fold. Gilmore pounded out the Derkins like a man used to doing 22 at a time.

Mosey to the hill beside ball field for Burpees top and bottom of the hill. Backpedal up and run down. 1 Burpee at bottom, 2 at top, 3 at bottom, continue to 6 Burpees. Chipper up and down like a piston.

Mosey to the track for 10 pullups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, then one lap. 3 sets. Murph-Day veteran Boone’s Farm tore into this one like a bulldog into a bone. Sludge not satisfied with YHC’s form on the Merkins – not low enough to kiss the ground…sigh

Mosey to Pickup Benches for 10 steps each leg and 20 Irkins. 3 sets.

Mosey to Front Door of School for SEVENS – LBCs and Homer & Marge. H&M in cadence; LBCs not. Except Gilmore, who did everything in cadence. Modify as necessary… in either direction.

Mosey to Sprinkler’s Porte Cochere for 10 Bobby Hurleys, then a quick dash to the outdoor classroom for Around the World Merkins, then back to the Porte Cochere for 10 more Bobby Hurleys. Kay still springing up off the floor with the energy of a puppy.

Mosey to BasketBall court. Boone’s Farm and Kay broke loose and Sac the runner was finally able to open up his stride.

Six Minutes of MARY:
Oldies but Goodies – Freddy Mercurys and Nolan Ryans, 10 IC
American Hammers – 20 IC

The Pax: Sludge, Kay, Chipper, CheckBook, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Sac (Dash visitor), FloRida QIC.

Remember fundraisers: Mulligan‘s St Jude Run, Checkbook JDRF walk, Crawdaddy organizing a pop-up yard sale for St Jude’s on December 7.

KVegas custom shirt order is open for only a few more days.

Veterans Day weekend. Remember all who served. See Gilmore‘s post of the inspiring story of D-Day vet Mr. Lambert.

Kay led us out.

Always a joy to participate, a privilege to belong, and an honor to lead.
FloRida, QIC.

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