Backblast – Poison Ivey – Weds 11/6/2019 – A stream of consiuosness Q. A Crawdaddy notion.


Pax: Dean, Chipper, Bambi, Crankbait, Tenderfoot, Lucky Charms, Hook’em, Shearcon, Crawdaddy (QIC).

With all the false exuberance of Dean’s fictitious high school girlfriend coming over to play Catan, 9 loyal subjects of the gloom gathered to see what mayhem would unfold.  With a stated disclaimer of no idea of what the Q would be, we started off promptly 5 minutes before the Rolex official start.

No point in doing an accounting from here.  Warmorama was mixed with Thang with Mary.. Exercises included, infield grounders, Zebra Kicks, Merkins, Suicides, Step Ups, Merkins, Crunchy Frogs, Jelly fish, Merkins, Reverse LBCs, Dying Cockroaches, Homer and Marge, Derkins, Merkins, Split Jacks, SSH, Frankenstein’s, Stair Run, Merkins, Lbc’s, WW1, WW2, and Merkins…

21 American Hammers.

So in summary…. Chipper Talked, Hook’em  limped, Luck Charms was confused, Crankbait hates running, Bambi left his Balls in the truck, Dean was charting our step count (3800 BTW), Shearcon lapped everyone (no one likes you Shearcon), Tenderfoot was wondering which direction True North was, and the QIC was just praying it would end… Well done Fellas.






Prayers and Praises.

Thin Mint was taking his official PT test for his ROTC Scholarship this morning.  Crankbait is collecting clothes again for the homeless.  Crawdaddy to update the group on possible fundraiser in December.

QIC – Led us out –

Always a pleasure Gents..  Crawdaddy