Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday, November 2, 2019

11 PAX gathered on a nice, cool morning to better themselves. PAX were Boone’s Farm, Crawdaddy, Elaine, Wham-O, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Checkbook, Gilmore, Sprinkler, Epstein, Doubtfire (QIC). After a short disclaimer with no FNGs, we moseyed to Cat Lady Circle for:

  • Warm-O-Rama
    • Imperial Walkers (15x)
    • Chinooks (15x each way)
    • Slow Abe Vigodas (15x)
    • Annie’s (15x each arm)

Mosey CCW around the shelters to the playground for

  • Thang 1
    • Exercises, followed by a lap around the inside of the park (short or long depending PAX’s choice.
    • QIC made the announcement that, at any time during the workout, if you heard the train whistle, PAX would stop what they were doing and do 10 burpees (Old Town Pain Train in the Exicon)
    • Exercises were:
      • 25 Crab Cakes IC
      • 25 Carolina Dry Docks
      • 25 Plank Jacks IC
      • 25 Jumping Spiders
      • 25 Crunchy Frogs IC
      • 25 Squats
      • 25 Monkey Humpers IC

Sludge gave us a 10 count and we moseyed to the hill in front of the school auditorium for:

  • Thang 2
    • Bear Crawl up the hill
    • Do 10 mule kicks at the top of the hill
    • Sprint back down the hill
    • Repeat 2x for a total of 3 sets
  • 10 count by Dr. Evil (playing Even Steven) and Checkbook (playing Odd Todd)

Mosey to the stairs in the middle of the bus parking lot, along the way stopping for 10 burpees after hearing the first train whistle of the morning, for

  • Thang 3
    • Bucket Brigade
      • Line up on the edge of the stairs, every other stair. PAX at the top starts and passes the bucket (in this case an 85 lb…or maybe 75 lb since it was partially busted…landscaping block) down to next PAX and then goes to the bottom of the line to receive it again. Passing continues for one full round. At the end of that round, switch directions and pass it back along the line, going back up to the top of the stairs

Mosey to basketball courts, stopping along the way for a second round of 10 burpees due to the second train whistle, for

  • Partner up for Suicides/BTTW, then Suicides/Wall Sit
    • Some PAX performed extra credit suicides as PAX were gathering for Mary
  • Mary
    • Low Dolly’s (12x)
    • Cindy Crawfords (15x right side, 14x left side)
    • Box Cutters (15x)
    • Hammers (20x)

Prayer Concerns/Joys

  • Keep Mulligan and family in your prayers
    • Remember to support Mulligan in his run for St. Jude’s if you are able.
  • Praise from Gilmore for his friend Billy Ashford, whose son Ryan committed suicide last year. He is a golf pro and hosted a golf tournament to raise money…hoped for $5,000, raised $26,000. Plans to put it towards setting up help for younger (18-25 year olds) struggling with suicidal thoughts as his son felt like there wasn’t any help for someone his age.
  • Praise for @ThinMint receiving a scholarship at Texas A&M so he can remain and for making it into the Ranger Battalion as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine group of men. Always a pleasure.

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