BALLS – backblast for Poison Ivey 10/30/19

Preblast instructions were BYOB = bring your own ball. Some have big balls. Others have little balls. Whatever you got, just bring your favorite ball.

Chipper was a little late. Maybe that’s because he was busy getting his balls ready.

6 men took their DRP and made an effort to accelerate.

Frankenstein x15
Dippin’ Dots x15
TTT x15
Nancy K x15 (half fwd, half rev)
AH x15 (with your ball)

Lunge, passing ball between legs
Reverse Lunge, passing ball between legs
Alternate fwd/rev at each light for four lights.

Last few lights, Bobby Hurley at each light until driveway.

Lucky wondered if the light poles would ever end.

P1: Bear Crawl while Rolling Ball. Continue until relieved by partner.
P2: Low slow flutters x10IC, then run to partner and switch

Bambi’s flawless bear crawl form.

P1: Hike ball between your legs. Hop Bunny to the ball
P2: Turkish Get ups x10, then run to partner and switch.

Hook’em, Lucky, and Chipper attempting the bunny hops.

Partner up. Exchange balls with your partner. Throw or kick your partner’s ball as far as possible.
Go to your ball (not your partners ball).
10 Burpees for the closest ball (of the pair)
5 Burpees for the farthest ball (of the pair)

Pax (cough-Dean-cough) complaining about a rigged game

P2 Run balls up and down stairs
R&R until song over (Accept – balls to the walls – approx. 5mins)

Dean taking out his anger on the Q.

Hurricane flutters (x15 IC seated hands up, x15 seated hands down, x15 low slow flutter)
Pretzel crunches x15 IC each side
AH x15 IC

Dean, Chipper, Lucky charms, Bambi, Hook ‘Em, and Tarde (Q)


Prayer requests: Alexis and family. All affected by wildfires in California. Beth Green kidney transplant coming up in early November. Hook’em asked for prayers for local individuals and families affected by violence (p.s. I’ll add a prayer of peace and safety for Hook’em and all the front line who help).

Dean led us out with a solid prayer.

YHC brought donuts, including pumpkin spice donuts for the millennials (and young at heart)!

The Pax were impressed by the Dough-nutz

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy

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