2019-10-28 RWB Backblast

Bambi has the PAX list, but we RWB crowd assembled for the Creampuff challenge North Course

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After a disclaimer and intro we moseyed to Farside’s memorial tennis courts for WOR of:

15x SSH

10x Abes Super slow

Then Crawdaddy style hurdler’s stretch

Then Back Stretch. At this point several PAX thought it was Thursday and FloRida was Q-ing.

Then Stretching Sun Gods and Hill Billies.

Thang #1 – Walk Everyone through the course

Image result for obstacle course gif
Kay, Shear Conn, Slice and Dice and Pacer through the course
Image result for obstacle course gif
The rest of the PAX

Thang #2 – Timed Round

Image result for obstacle course gif
Slice and Dice on Round #2 shattering his first effort time
Image result for collapsing at finish gif
Dean finishing round #2

Top 3 times

Kay 6:35 (Course record unless someone can prove otherwise from past runnings, but I still think this one is record)

Shear Conn 6:42

Slice 6:43

Picture below captures remaining. The 6:13 for Kay’s round #2 must be a typo because he was helping PAX at the back (thanks to Kay) on round 2.

Good work to all. T-claps to those that pushed themselves hard on round #2 and those that pushed themselves beyond expectations. Not an easy course!

Dean out

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