2019-10-24 Better late than never Backblast

7 PAX (Tarde, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Hook Em, Shear Conn, Dean QIC) assembled in the gloom to see what YHC had in store. Without Bambi’s balls to play with we had to turn to Dean’s concrete cylinder babies…After last time where the concrete babies where thrown from the cliff during hill runs, YHC planned carefully to avoid such atrocities from happening this time around.

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Dean’s Concrete Babies

We moseyed to the upper lot for WOR of:
Sun Gods with Stretch

Crawdaddy’s hurtler stretch combo

Image result for can't touch toes
Shear Conn and Dean attempting to touch toes

Back Stretch (Made Lucky Very Happy)

Thang #1 Mosey to bottom of parking lot, bear crawl pushing cylinder and lunge with cylinder alternating parking lines all the way up the hill. Shear conn nearly killed someone by letting his cylinder go back down the hill on the slow pax…Then 20x dips, 15x derkins, 10x step-ups at the benches, trip to playground for pullups, then back to bottom of hill for mary exercise and then rinse/repeat but switch derkins for irkins.

Thang #2 Concrete cylinder bowling – various penalties/travel methods

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The PAX when they made the bowling shot
Image result for kingpin gif bill murray
Chipper after every shot

Thang #3 Catch your baby cylinder if you can. 10x FloRida squats after you release your cylinder. Then run to catch it as it rolls down hill.

Then back to lower lot for Mary’s


Chipper continued his mumblechattering ways. Nearly defeaning levels.

Lucky LOVES stretching

Hook’Em sand bagged on round #1 only to beat Shear Conn in Round #2 of Thang #1.

Tarde showed up at 5:55 or so.

Image result for sorry im late gif

Crawdaddy was nearly mauled by YHC’s concrete baby cylinder in the bear crawl

Shear Conn was dominant in everything but stretching. Reminding us all that “Stretch Marks” may make you feel better, but tight muscles move faster…

Pray for Mulligans Family

Shear Conn took us out

Honor to improv,