We should all be PLANKFUL!!!!!

Wednesday October 23th

16 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this perfect morning to see if it was going to be ABTASTIC.  I think everyone was PLANKFUL that they posted. 

Pax: Boons Farm, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Radar, Check book, Lovie, Madoff, Slice and Dice, Elaine, Epstein, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Deliverance, Flounder, Sprinkler,

Q: Sludge

Mosey Warm-O-Rama.


Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods


Mountain climbers

The Thang

One round in the circle we did  a Plank exercise then we ran around the block or town hall and back to the circle to do an ab exercise.  When you got back to the circle, from your run you did the exercise called out by the Q until the 6 arrived.

Plank Exercises

Exercise 1    Camel Toes 15 each toe

Exercise 2    Shoulder Taps 25 each shoulder

Exercise 3    Plank Slalom 20

Exercise 4    Plank Jacks 35

Exercise 5    Plank Destroyers 10

Exercise 6    Plank Jack Merkin’s 15

Ab Exercise

Exercise 1    Pretzel Crunches 15 each leg

Exercise 2    WWI’s 25

Exercise 3    LBC’s 25IC

Exercise 4    Crunchy frogs 20 single count (Spurrier counted)

Exercise 5    ABC’s

Exercise 6    American Hammers 31 IC

Mulligan running for St Jude’s this year more to info to come(lets help him raise $2000.00 this year)

Reach out to our F3 brothers who have been out.  Please go on to the q sheet and add your info and emergency contact.

Gilmore led us out.

It is a wonderful privilege to lead this group.  Hope everyone got enough.