Where the Drought Ends

Six of Kernersville’s hearty and most weatherproof PAX remembered f3 is a group that holds free, peer-led workouts for men of all ages held outdoors, RAIN OR SHINE, in the heat or cold and is intended to inspire male community leadership. PAX in attendance included Flounder, Blue Hen, Dr. Evil, Lovie, Slice-n-Dice, and Epstein

Several of the PAX seemed very hesitant to get out of the vehicles because of the scary wet stuff. Dr. Evil quickly lightened the mood with gifts of bright, blinky armbands of all colors to keep us safe. AYE!

The exercises today started and finished under the cozy confines of the bank drive-through. Warm-o-Rama included:

Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 22 + Don Quixote IC x 11 + Sobriety sun gods x 22 + 10 Burpees OYO

The group moseyed around the bank and round to the brick-striped sidewalk for bear crawl snake (crowd pleaser!). We continued the meandering bear crawls down past some stores along the sidewalk until all had a chance for two times through the slalom.

Mosey to the wall in front of the church on Cherry St and perform step ups with crunchy frogs (7’s) on the way to the punkin’ patch. PAX then selected a partner. Partner 1 stays at the top of the lot for rounds of flutter kicks, low dolly’s, alternating lunges, and Rosalitas switching between each exercise with P2 who ran down to the wall and back.

Next we enjoyed a drizzly indian run along the same route that we initially followed to our destination, ending at the bank cover. Ten seconds rest transitioned quickly to 10 more Burpees OYO. Six MOM consisted of:

LBC IC x 22 + Side-plank Push Ups x 22 (flapjack halfway) + flutter kicks IC x 22 + American Hammers IC x 22

We hope to see Man Hands and Cousin Eddy back in the gloom soon. Prayers for Kairos (meeting Saturday) and praises for pilgrimage last weekend. Continued prayers for Alexis, Brad, and April.

Blue Hen prayed for us inspirationally

Thanks for putting up with me, it’s an honor to be part of this great group of leaders. I hope y’all got enough!

YHC – Epstein