Backblast – Red White & Boom Oct 14, 2019

21 intrepid pax started the week with an invigorating walk in the park. Co-QIC Flounder issued a rambling, but ultimately complete disclaimer including a direct legal immunity for YHC, before making a break for the warm-up circle, where he led the combined group through:

WARMARAMA: Seal Jacks, Abe Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Mountain Climbers and Chinook Squats. Varying quantities; all in cadence.

Then Flounder led the Feats of Strength group into the dark woods with a promise of “choices”. Wonder how that turned out?

Boot campers proceeded behind the school to the pickup benches via double file indian run. Given no choice, except to choose a partner, the pax assembled at the foot of the hill below the benches for:

Bleacher Snakes!
with hills, trees and cones standing in for actual bleachers

Partner 1 – run the snake, backpedal up the hill, run down.
Partner 2 – Complete exercise while P1 is snaking. Then switch
Three sets with 1) Carolina Dry Docks, 2) Merkins, 3) Shoulder Taps

Partner 1 – run the snake: lunge uphill, bear crawl down hill
Partner 2 – Lt Dans

Partner 1 – run the snake straight on
Partner 2 – move to the benches for exercises.
Three sets with 1) Pistol Stand-up L Leg, 2) Pistol Stand-up R Leg, 3) Dips

Direct mosey back to basketball court for Six or so Minutes of Mary:
Cindy Crawfords 13 IC each side
LBCs, 15 IC
Reverse LBC, 15 IC – a little disagreement from the pax regarding accelerated cadence, which RARELY happens with FloRida counts. Consulting the literature, YHC acknowledges there are multiple accepted forms of Reverse LBC, some involving a greater range of motion than was permitted today. Might have to work on this one before the next Q.
American Hammers 20 IC

Circle of Trust:
Prayers for family and friends, including 2.0s, of two tragic deaths last week.
Prayers for YoYo’s family – grandmother passed at 91.
Prayers for Dr. Evil, Praise & Joy to Lovey for strength up and weight down,
and all the pax working to get stronger & healthier in body, mind and soul.
Love and Grace can only come from strength, and that is why we gather In The Gloom.

Gilmore led us out with heartfelt prayer and 22 for the vets.

Always a joy to belong, a delight to participate, and an honor to lead!