Backblast: Flashbang Fri-yaaay

22 men posted. As they arrived, each was instructed to grab a paver from the shed. In a sign of things to come, even that simple instruction led to mumblechatter.


  • AH x10 slow
  • SSH x10
  • TTT x15
  • Frankenstein x10
  • Nancy K x10 each side
Pax noticed YHCs classy attire.
The crotch snaps are a nice feature.


TREES – partner up, switch, r&r
P2 10 curls

Just in time for fall.
Bonus: Apparently, passing gas is an ab exercise?

BENCHES – partner up, switch, r&r
P1 Step ups
P2 10 Turkish get ups

BASEBALL FIELD – Field of Bobby hurleys, from 1 to 10, at middle and each end of the field

PARKING LOT – partner up
P1 heavy bear
P2 tricep press

Merkin for each Rosanna (approx. 20 total)
Plank Jack for each “meet you all the way” (approx. 18 total). High knees during the keytar solo.

Roxanne’s friend!


  • Hurricane flutters x15 seated hands up, x15 seated hands down, x15 regular
  • Pretzel crunches x15 each side
  • AH x10 slow


Count o rama: 22 with the Q

Name O Rama: Red Hott, Pacer, Shear Conn, sprinkler, Powder puff, Bambi, crawdaddy, Deliverance, Gilmore, Elaine, Epstein, Far side, checkbook, Lovie, sludge, Slice and dice, crankbait, Mulligan, Lucky charms, Madoff, Dr Evil, Kay, Red Hott (again), and Tarde (Q).

Red Hott during Name O Rama.

Prayers for Farsides mom traveling, Twinkies mother recently passed away, WhamO running his first marathon tomorrow (and was too “lazy” to come to F3 today, haha).

We took a knee, I led us out, and Pax joined in for the Lord’s prayer to conclude.

Always an honor and always right on time,