Backblast: Poison Ivey 10/9

8 loyal Southern roots PAX assembled at Ivey Redmon for a partner PAX beatdown production, Crankbait, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Hook ’em, Dean, Duvet, Shear Conn and YHC Bambi.

PAX moseyed to the upper lot for WOR where they were pleasantly surprised with some incorporation of Stretch Marks and regular calisthenics: stretch feet together, LOR, ROL, groin stretch R&L, hurdler stretch R&L, crowd pleasers, arm LOR, ROL, sun gods and SSH.

Image result for oh yeah gif
PAX be like…with the WOR stretching

Thang: partner up based on height and fitness level, Wheelbarrow merkin & squat: 2 rounds of 10, Merkin partner shoulder tap 20

moseyed to the stairs for the following: body weigh squats w/partner – PAX had to trust their partner in locking arms and squatting at the same time – 2 rounds of 10, pumping up the partner spirit – jump squats with a high five at the top – 2 rounds of 10, partners rotate between @florida squats – 2 rounds of 10 and stair run

Image result for it hurts workout gif
Crankbait after the leg beatdown

PAX moseyed to the playground for the following: pull ups – 2 rounds of 10 and rocky balboa, superman merkins – 2 rounds of 10 and stairs, side plank and clap, plank hold and jump.

Image result for what gif
PAX after seeing superman merkin demonstration

Moseyed to lower lot for Mary: LSF, dead bug, crunchy frog, hammers

COT: prayers for Wham-O and safe travels during marathon, continued prayers for Alexis, F3 brothers Man Hands and Tramp Stamp

Crankbait lead us out.

An honor to lead, Bambi