To Catch a Thief – feats of strength backblast 10/7/19

After no disclaimer, Dean led the Pax through an exceptional Warm O Rama. Boot campers followed Dean.

TheThang – feats of strength

Strongmen convened on the basketball court for a law enforcement themed beat down. Pax instructed to do a single exercise while a short theme song was played…

  • Newton’s cradle (East Bound and Down 2:46)
  • Turkish get ups (Hawaii five 0 theme 1:48)
  • Gorilla squats (Dukes of Hazzard 2:06)
  • Merkins (Magnum PI 0:30)
  • Curls (Miami Vice 2:46)

Then we headed to the convalescent center for bench work

  • Step ups & Derkins
  • Dips, Pretzel crunches, more dips
  • Irkins, AH, and more Irkins

Then we returned to the Basketball court, to find…

Empty shelves!

Our weights were gone! Thieves!!!

Not to worry, we had Hook ’em on the job…

Cuff ’em and stuff ’em

Dr. Evil and Mulligan teamed up and tried to help crack the case…

Then, a real break in the case came when Special Ed managed to get some security footage…

Hey, catch this F3 paver with your head

The security footage was grainy, but with help from a “whistleblower” (AKA Flounder) we were able to get an identifiable image…

The leader of the theft ring was Dean!!!

So we tracked down the thieves and confronted them…

Behind the school

YHC stole the remainder of the Q from Dean. Pair up. P1 does curls, P2 Bunny hops 6 lines (out and back). Rinse and repeat.


  • Rosalita whips x20ic
  • Freddie Mercuries x20ic
  • AH x20ic


  • 27 with the Co-Q’s
  • Yo yo, flounder, deliverance, lovie, Boone’s farm, special Ed, Sprinkler, checkbook, Mulligan, Jane, Bambi, Flounder, Fudd, Hook ’em, wham O, Shear Conn, chipper, FloRida, pacer, Epstein, Dr evil, Duvet, Madoff, Slice and dice, Gilmore, Dean (co-Q), Dr. Tarde (Co-Q)
  • No spoken prayers. Jane led us out.

Always an honor, and always right on time,

Dr. Tarde