2019-10-07 RW-B Backblast

XX number of Pax joined YHC and Tardy in the gloom for a pair of workouts. WOR started at Far Side’s tennis courts with:

5x Burpees for Fudd’s 50th Birthday! The pax sang their hearts out

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Happy Birthday Fudd!
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The Pax Matched this level of intensity…

Then we did 20x SSH, Stretching, Sun Gods with stretch option, and Imperial walkers. Several PAX noted that YHC could not begin to touch my toes. So my form was off, big deal!

We then split into groups. And a rumor began circulating that Tardy would be splitting time between The Convalescent center and the Basketball courts. YHC took that into consideration.

Image result for thinking gif
YHC Thinking

The Boot camp crew headed to the bus parking lot for:

Thang #1 – “Catch me if you can” with partners. 3-5 FloRida Squats and running backwards around entire school. Tclaps to Yoyo and Lovie for pushing through a super long cardio event. In retrospect, that was a long way…

Image result for catch me gif
Bambi with his Partner

Thang #2: Lunge at lines with FloRida squat every other line. Whamo was sent to scout to see if the FOS pax had left the bball court. They had not

Thang #3: Duck walk one line, bear crawl two lines, alternating full distance. Shear Conn was sent to scout to see if FOS pax had left bball court. They had.

Image result for spying gif
Whamo and Shear Conn Spying

So after YHC has previously stolen a Q (from Crankbait), and a Backblast (from Tardy), it was time to do something new…steal the weights from FOS. Special Ed actually accused YHC of planning this with Tardy. The Idea that Tardy would come up with a plan, direct message me on slack, arrange the theft, plan the timing, and execute it flawlessly is preposterous!

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Me Defending Tardy and I’s honor
Image result for stealing gif
Basically what happened

Then Tardy took over the workout and effectively stole the rest of my Q….

He led some workouts at the bus parking then off to bball for Marys.

YHC had to leave early to feed Magnolia breakfast, so thanks to Tardy for covering COT.

Your Proud Servant,


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