Red White and Boom: ImpromptQ

Flounder attempted a disclaimer–and somehow I, minding my own business again, was pulled into it. WTH?

Pax: Red Hot, Deliverance, Special, Elaine, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Dean, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Kay, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Duvet, Bambi, Hook Em, Flounder, Lovie, Dr. Evil (QIC)

We split up, the Feats of Strength folks went to the b-ball court, and the boot camp Pax went to a carefully planned, well-scripted, even memorized workout for the Pax.

The Thang @ the Bus parking lot:

  • Bear crawl to each line, only do three merkins, and then bearcrawl to the next line until you get to the last line. Al Gore, or stand and complain. Your modification.
  • Reverse lunge across the same lines with 3 Lt. Dans per line. Again, just do what you think you’d like to…I mean, modify as necessary. Tclaps to Checkbook and Sludge for going the extra lines.

The Thang @ the Track

  • Begin with one burpee in the first straight, two in the first curve, three in the back straight…..and so on until 10 burpees.

The Thang @ the Benches

  • Partner up: Partner A runs to the rails for 3 big boy sit ups. Partner B begins 150 Derkins. Rotate until 150 are complete between the two Pax combine for the total. Also, both Pax members should complete 2 rounds at the rail.

Mosey back to the basketball court to meet with the Feats of Strength for Warmarama


  • LBC’s, 35 IC
  • American Hammers, 20 IC

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:

  • Pumpkin Patch Next Saturday, Main Street UMC
  • Start wearing reflective gear for Northern Aggression. We’ve had 3 Pax hit and killed by motor vehicles during workouts across the nation. According to Kay, “it’s not worth it”.
  • Checkbook’s dad after his fall with post-concussion complications
  • Alexis and her family–and Mulligan–and the families that are there at St. Jude’s in Memphis.
  • Kay led us out.

Always an honor to lead–hope you got enough!


Dr. Evil